Raise Up

Welcome to Raise Up Nation!

April 02, 2020 Amanda LeFever Episode 1
Raise Up
Welcome to Raise Up Nation!
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Have you ever seen an email from your boss and wondered "How in the world does this fool make more money than me?" Then you're in the right place.

This podcast is chock full of experts, strategies, and snark about toxic workplace culture and most importantly, how you get a raise!

Get ready to Raise Up with us.



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If you've seen a dumb email from your boss and wondered, how in the world does this fool make more money than me? Then you are in the right place. What is going on? Oh my gosh. Welcome. Welcome to the first-ever episode of the raise up podcast. I'm your host Amanda LeFever, and I'm so glad you're here. I don't believe in coincidences, so if you push that play button, you are in exactly the right place. We're going to have some fun and learn all the things that you need to know about getting a raise at work. Yes, that's what I said, more money in your paycheck. We created this podcast to do one thing to help people get paid what they're worth because we all know somebody who is not getting the money, vacation time, or benefits that they deserve. I personally know a lot of people who are super talented, and they're still struggling to pay their bills all because they don't know how to position and ask for a raise. And I just realized that earlier, I said we, so let me clarify a little bit about who we is. I'm talking about my husband, Travis, a successful entrepreneur. One of the smartest and most handsome guys I know. My mom, we recently recruited her because of her years of experience. She was an HR director in an international convenience store organization, which I won't name its name, but it rhymes with beleven, beleven, and Neil, our world-class designer. He's a marketing genius. And then there's me, your host, Amanda LeFever, mompreneur, slightly OCD, sometimes ADD, distracted expert interviewer. I'm not saying I'm an expert; I'm interviewing all the experts that we have lined up. So, you should smash that subscription button now. And some of you might be thinking, okay, Hey Amanda, you got my attention with the whole raise thing. What are you talking about here? Okay, this is it. I have always been fascinated by the difference between three groups of people. 1. People who get paid what they're worth, 2. People that don't get paid what they're worth. 3. People who somehow manage to get paid way MORE than they're worth. Have y'all ever wondered that? Like, surely, I'm not the only one. So, we started talking about how people get raises and doing some detective work, and we knew a little bit about getting raises, negotiating, and like some positioning, but we couldn't figure it all out. And that might be where you are. You're looking around and wondering how some are paid more, and some people are paid less and where you fit in. If you've seen a dumb email from your boss and wondered how in the world does this fool make more money than me then you were in the right place, I officially welcome you to raise up nation. We're going to try and help you fix it. But timeout for a sec. Let's talk about Covid-19 how you know we are all social distancing, working from home or not working, which is even crazier. You might say raises are good, but this is a tough time, and I agree. We've learned though, that timing is everything, and there's a time for action, and then there's a time for prep work or planting seeds, and you guys know you only have one or two conversations with your boss or company owner a year about how much you make. So this podcast is all about preparing you for those conversations. And we have strategies for good times and tough times. We don't recommend going to work tomorrow to get a raise or ask for one. Don't do that. We're not talking about doubling your salary tomorrow or taking advantage of your company because they really need help. That's a horrible idea. We're talking about learning insider info strategies to get a$2000-$10,000 bump every year for the rest of your career and exactly the right words to say to make it happen. This whole Covid-19 thing is making us move a little faster. So please be patient with us. It's not going to be perfect and there's going to be likes, and ums, and ahs, and awkwardness, but all the experts we've been talking to are working from home, which means they have extra time on their hands, so we're going to launch quick one or two episodes a week, but before we wrap up and you move on, like my friend Snoop dog said, get ready for the next episode. Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, sorry. I had to do it. Let's talk about what each interview looks like. You never know how an interview is going to go. Like you probably didn't know I was going to bust out some Snoop dog, but my plan is to try and keep all these experts super grounded. We tell them right up front; we want your best insider advice, the stuff you tell your friends, and keep it simple. Step one, step two, step three, super simple. Plus, we're going to ask them for their best stories and about how people get raises and the weirdest ways they've seen people get a raise. Doesn't that sound like fun? I think it sounds like fun. Maybe we should call this podcast human resources horror stories. Okay, so if any of that sounds interesting to you in the least, you're in the right spot. I can't wait to see who this thing attracts into our world and really get to know everybody. Some of you will make big moves with the things you learn from our guests, and we'll keep adding value to like doing new things and creating extra special bonus episodes that you'll only hear if you're subscribed on Spotify, iTunes, or wherever you listen to this podcast. We typically don't email the bonus episodes, we just throw them up on iTunes or Spotify, and that's how you get access. So, subscribe, share it with your friends. You can click the share button, take a screenshot, share it on your social stories, and tag me, tag me. I want to connect with you at Amanda LeFever. I'll see you back here next week.